There is nothing you and your clients need more desperately than a comprehensive and timely customer care. Utilizing CRMdesk, not only you provide your customers a way to submit and update their online requests, but host a knowledgebase, an idea exchange and a forum for them as well.

What is CRMdesk?

CRMdesk is a very efficient web-based help desk software for knowledgebase management and customer support automation over the Internet.

Why use CRMdesk?

The system is deployed as a cost-effective hosted solution to manage and analyze all of your customer requests from a centralized location.

Who uses CRMdesk?

From small companies to large enterprises, from specific manufactures to vertical business integration, CRMdesk is scalable enough to grow with your business needs.

Featured customer


CRMdesk serves us very well and I am glad to see that you are always looking for ways to improve it - keep up the good work!

Alan Greenfield
Technical Support Engineer
Vine Micros Ltd.
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